Do you love Terranut and are interested in becoming involved with the company while making extra cash for minimal work? Then join us by becoming an affiliate! Affiliates sell the product on social media/webpages/emails and get commission for each sale they make. You could make money with one simple Facebook post, how much easier could life get?

If you want to become an affiliate then follow these simple steps:
1) Click the link below:

2) If you are doing this for the first time click the button “not a paygear member”
3) Fill out all the information and make sure you have a paypal account and link it to your profile (that is how you will get paid)
4) Once you have your profile set up it will bring you to your main home page, to “promote” or sell your product go to the “search marketplace” for you product( you can go to keywords and type in nutpunch, pnutpunch or paleopunch ) and then once you find the product you want to sell press the promote button
5) Once you click it it will show you a description of the product and if you scroll down you will see two links
a) Just the link
b) My downline link

6) Just the link is how you will sell your product and make commission. You can place this link anywhere and once they click it, it will send them to the website to where they can purchase this item

7) My downline link is how you can get people to sell underneath you. You can still make money this way it will just be less commission.

Once you make a sale you commission will automatically show up on your main homepage. You can access it through your PayPal account. If you have any questions or are confused with any of the instructions please feel free to contact us or check out the affiliate questions link. Happy selling!

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