Affiliate beginners tutorial

Welcome to the Affiliate im sure you are confused at 1st or are looking to see the stages ahead of you before you jump right in. Below I include a help section with step by step images explaining each part of the process. Of course you can always contact us any time if you have questions not covered here and in time your questions will be added to the help page to help others.

1: Registration

Once this area is filled out and all information is set up remember 1 thing the email has to be G-mail or AOL. At this time Yahoo and other email addresses will not generate the password and login tags.

2: Registration

It can take up to 24 hours for your application to be approved. Please wait for a confirmation email with more information to progress to the next step.

3: Registration E-Mail

Take Note of the short information included in this email. Also do not lose this email for it holds your password and it is a secure password, meaning it has a random generation of letters, numbers and symbols. This password cannot be changed by you at any time so Print and save the email for easy access. If in case you lose this information please contact us and will issue you a new password which can take up to 24-48 hours time.

4: Login

This area is easy enough enter your Email and the password given to you and either check remember me or login. If you check remember me you will be saved till you clean out your History/cookies.

5: Terms of service Agreement

You must “read” and agree to the terms of the service as this is a binding contract with our company and subject to change at any time. You will of course be notified of any changes before they are in place to allow time for opinions or decisions to be made on future involvement with our company.